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OpenDAX cryptocurrency exchange software is a modular platform for building crypto exchanges, NFT marketplaces, and digital banking with built-in liquidity.

Our mission is to enable you to operate a robust financial SaaS marketplace with native high security and risk control.

OpenDAX™ is a turn-key trading appliance, which has such core benefits:

• CAPEX, Startup costs are the most competitive in the market
• OPEX, can be operated by small teams
• Secure by simple design
• Liquidity is built-in without compromise and capital-efficient
• Extremely customizable
• Deployed under 15 min

You can create from scratch your own crypto trading brokerage platform with OpenDAX v4 using OpenDAX WEB SDK and get it up and running with a trading page, toolbar, and chart. Free, customizable, and open-source crypto exchange brokerage connected to global Yellow Network liquidity and aggregated order book.

The OpenDAX™ WEB SDK v4 supplies reusable UI components for standard web interfaces to create exchange platform applications, including UI components and widgets.
All components come with a simple, modern design and can be used as-is or restyled with a custom theme.

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