Openware builds next-gen blockchain infrastructures, aiming to enable a safe, transparent, high speed, and universally accessible financial ecosystem.


From December 2021, it is a part of the Yellow ecosystem, powering Yellow Network, an overlay mesh network that uses state channels to unify all of the blockchains, reaching every token, locked on isolated networks without the need of bridging them.

Openware is the core contributor to open-source blockchain projects and the licence provider for the OpenDAX™ product stack, provisioning enterprise services on top of the open-source components, including education, support, and software R&D.

DTR & Openware

Having common strategic goals, DevteamRadar and Openware have decided to enter into strategic partnership and develop a unique customisation chain to expand products and services to ensure customer success.
Openware is the software engineering leader of the open-source Blockchain ecosystem. Off-the-shelf products help developers to build next-generation DeFi apps, and enable Enterprises to launch robust future-ready financial infrastructure & marketplaces.


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